Calvary Chapel Church of God in Christ
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Elder Harold L. Molden, Sr. Pastor


 I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me will live, even though he dies, and whoever lives and believes in me will never die. John 11:25-26
The Senior Pastor, Elders, Church Leaders and the members of Calvary Chapel shall be sympathetic and sensitive to the needs of families in bereavement. Condolences shall be extended to each family with our sincerest regard. We recommend services planned in a manner that will console and preserve the dignity of the family. Upon the death of a family member, please contact the Church office. The church will assist your family in preparing for the funeral services (if applicable).
1.Funeral Services will be held for members of the church and their immediate families (spouses, parents, children, or siblings).
2.Funeral Services for non-members will be at the discretion of Church Leadership. There will be a fee of $900. Not to Exceed 6 hours.
3. The church will not cancel any major planned events (weddings, conferences, workshops, etc.) to accommodate the funeral service. Weekdays are very flexible.
4.Family hours will be scheduled at the church ONLY if the Funeral Home can’t accommodate the number of attendants.
5.The church will prepare a meal for the family after the funeral service. Calvary Chapel will be responsible for the repast for the MEMBERSHIP-ONLY! See Attached Repast Meal Protocol 
6.Calvary Chapel does not currently charge for Membership Funerals, but does reserve the right to change this policy as we deem plausible.
7.Calvary Chapel will be responsible for providing music for MEMBERSHIP ONLY!
8.Should Music be requested for non-members there will be an additional $100 for the Musician.

Calvary Chapel Church of God in Christ
5101 Bristol Avenue
Kansas City, Missouri 64129
Elder Harold L. Molden, Sr. Pastor

  Wedding Policy {NON-MEMBERS}

“For this cause, a man shall leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave to his wife, and they shall become one flesh” Genesis 2:24

Dear Bride and Groom:

Congratulations! You are now engaged and planning your wedding day. At Calvary Chapel Church of God in Christ we want to minister to you through your wedding service. The sacred ceremony, in which you enter into a covenant with God and one another, creates the foundation of your marriage. By choosing to use a representative of God, and God’s Church, you are inviting God’s presence in your wedding and purposely asking for God’s blessing upon the marriage.

Your Responsibility

It is your responsibility to review the following Wedding Guidelines and Policies. Discuss them with all members of your wedding party, planner as well as your florist, photographer, and caterer, so there will not be any misunderstanding or deviation from them.

Scheduling Your Wedding
Our Church Secretary will assist you with reserving the date on the churches calendar along with contacting the Senior Pastor or Elder conducting the service. The Church Secretary will meet with you to review the wedding policy/guidelines, answer any questions you may have and collect all fees associated with the wedding. Tentative reservations for wedding date may be made by telephone, or in person with Church Secretary. Confirmed reservations must be completed within thirty (30) days following the tentative reservations. It is your responsibility to contact the Church Secretary to set up the initial meeting.
The following criteria must be met to receive confirmed reservations:

Officiating Minister contacted, secured and approved
Payment of the required deposits- $500 {Non-Refundable until after event is held}
No personal check! Cash, money orders, or cashiers check
Wedding forms completed and returned to Church Secretary

Weddings will Not be scheduled to begin later than 5:00pm nor on Sunday. Rare exceptions may be considered at the discretion of the Senior Pastor.

Weddings, rehearsals, and receptions will not be scheduled on New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. (If these Holidays are adjacent to weekends, the weekend should be avoided. If the wedding is scheduled during the adjacent weekends, the Pastor, Sound Engineer, Musician, Custodial, and Security fees will be increased.

Weddings can be scheduled up to nine (9) months in advance. Once your wedding date is confirmed, you may choose wedding hours between 10:00am-5:00pm. Prior day rehearsal will be scheduled between 12pm-6:00pm.  


Wedding and receptions may be scheduled in the following areas, subject to availability:

Sanctuary/Fellowship Hall Package $1600 {Maximum Usage 8 hours- Includes both facilities}
Sanctuary-Only $800
Fellowship Hall Rental-Only -is available at an hourly rate of $190 

Note: Wedding Receptions need to be end by 9:00pm

Dressing rooms for the bride and groom and wedding party may be available upon request**

If used the Church will not be responsible for personal items such as wedding dresses, wraps, coats, purses, clothing, jewelry, etc., which are brought to the church in preparation of the wedding, and therefore, will not be held liable if such items are lost or stolen. All church facilities must be left in the condition in which they are found and care must be taken by the bridal party to protect the furnishing in these rooms.


Officiating Pastor
Guest Pastors from other like-faith churches may, at the approval of Senior Pastor may perform the wedding ceremony.


The immediate wedding party will be responsible for the conduct of all participants and guests.

The following rules must be strictly complied with:

Intoxicants, in any form, are not permitted in any of the building or parking area. No one will be allowed to participate in any rehearsal or wedding while under the influence of intoxicants.
Smoking or use of tobacco products is not permitted in any of the church building or any church property.
There will be no throwing of rice or birdseeds of any kind inside any church building.
Only artificial flower petal may be used in the Sanctuary or Fellowship Hall.
There will be no dancing in any of the church buildings.
Children are to be monitored at all times
Drip-less candles Must be used and a protective floor covering must be placed under the candelabra to protect the carpet. We encourage the use of the encased candles.

Commitment and Responsibilities:

Full cooperation from the planner, wedding party, caterer, and florist is expected in the observance of the following list of detailed regulations:

We request that proper attire be worn during the rehearsal and ceremony.
The Wedding party, caterer and florist are responsible for cleaning up the areas they use. The Sanctuary must be cleared immediately following the wedding ceremony.
The use of nails, brads, or hot glue on any equipment r furnishing is prohibited. Chairs are not to be used as support for plants or other decorations.
No portable platforms or structures are to be used unless approved by Church Leader.
All decorations shall be removed immediately after the ceremony. Any flowers, decorations, etc. left over night will need to be disposed of at YOUR COST!
The Sanctuary and Fellowship Hall are to be left in their original state.


Sound Equipment

The church sound equipment will only be operated by the Church Staff! No musical instruments will be allowed to be plugged into Church equipment. Videography is permissible with your own equipment and personnel. Our church does not provide this service-Unless pre-arranged with Church Media Team {a fee will be charged for the service at the discretion of the Videographer}

Rehearsal Dinner

This is typically available to members only!

In the event an exception is made the charge will be $190 per hour-Max usage of 4 hours.
Note: All evening events must be over by 9:00pm {For cleaning purposes}

Schedule of Fees:

Your Fee* includes expenses related to wedding, except to Pastors and Musician. Your final payment is due within two (2) weeks of scheduled event (NO EXCEPTIONS). The initial deposit of $500 will not be refunded if the wedding is cancelled within one (1) month of the wedding date.

Fees Do Not include additional charges for Holidays.

Calvary Chapel Pastoral Fee $150
Calvary Chapel Musician Fee $150
Videographer Fee $100
Security Fee $200
Calvary Chapel Kitchen equipment $100

Wedding / Funeral Policy

And We Shall Accomplish More "Together" 
Pastor Harold Molden Sr. & 1st Lady Casandra Molden

5101 Bristol Avenue
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